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Lisa Stern, Attorney at Law, uses her strong skills, her in-depth knowledge, and her 30 years of experience to fight for her clients. She is a Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Orange County Attorney who represents people who have been injured in accidents or harmed by negligent medical treatment, or who have loved ones who were hurt or killed in accidents or by negligent treatment. Call her at 323-456-8878 to find out more about how she can help you get the justice you deserve.

When you contact the Law Office of Lisa Stern, you’ll speak directly with Lisa; not a paralegal or an assistant.

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County Wants to Help You

Many people find the legal system confusing and even scary. Lisa Stern, Attorney at Law, understands how you feel. She uses a client-centered approach, bringing humanity to the law. She will be with you every step of the way, using her decades of experience to efficiently guide you through the process, always keeping you informed about what is going on.

The Importance of a Limited Caseload

Unlike many other personal injury attorneys in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Orange County, Lisa Stern works with only a limited number of clients, so she is able to give each case all the attention that it needs. She is selective about the cases she takes on, and is ready to handle the difficult cases that other firms don’t want. With some other attorneys, you might feel as if you were just a case number, as if you were an object being processed on an assembly line. Lisa Stern knows that every client and every case is different. With her limited caseload, she is able to give each client her full attention.

Even if Lisa isn’t available or best suited to the client’s needs, she’ll take the time to help find another attorney who is.

Two Firms for the Price of One

Attorney Lisa Stern partners with other high-profile and seasoned attorneys to get the best possible results for her clients. Every case she takes on is a joint venture with the nation’s top law firms.  It’s like getting two firms for the price of one.

If you need a highly experienced and compassionate personal injury, medical malpractice, or wrongful death attorney in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles or Orange County,  give the Law Office of Lisa Stern a call at 323-456-8878, or send her an email. She will be glad to set up a free, no-obligation appointment to answer your questions and to talk to you about what you can do next.

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